close forum for all but admin


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I must be looking right past it, but is there a switch to switch the forum closed for all but the admin? (so the admin can still browse the whole forums normally but everyone else gets the closed/maintenance message)?


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This should work : ACP => Options => Board Active => Unmark "board is active" => Save

Not sure if mods have permissions to view the board if you switch the board off, but I think only admins have permissions to view, ;)


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I swear I tried that before posting. I just updated the domain moving from a test install to the real domain, so I must have lost my login for a moment. Sorry for the pointless thread, and thanks for confirming that it works perfectly. Tried it again, and it does now. Thanks.


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Sorry again for the scattered question.

I haven't had this much fun though since the VB2 days so I'm possibly trying to go too fast after such a busy summer wanting to start working with xenForo.