Browser issue Clicking on new post; then as images load the focus moves up the page away from the new post

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Hi all,

I'm facing an issue that may just be by design.

Whenever I click on the latest post it does initially take me to the last post in the thread, however images load in up the page and immediately take me to the loaded in images.

Is there a way I can combat this? I'm thinking lazy load, but haven't found a good and easy way to incorporate that site wide.

Same thing happens to me. Posting this in Bugs.

I'm wondering whether lazy loading is causing this? Is that a core feature of XF 2.2?


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This shouldn't be a lazy loading issue, though if it is, that's definitely a browser bug. See my discussion about this here:

In general, we rely on a browser behavior called "scroll anchoring" so this can behave how you expect. There is a little bit of control over this via scroll-padding and we have started using this in 2.2.0 for browsers that support it. When testing, Chrome did behave as I expected and Firefox was sort of hit and miss. Most of the time it didn't behave as if it supported scroll anchoring at all.

I will leave this open for now, pending a check to see if there's a more specific reason why Firefox doesn't necessarily handle this correctly, though it's quite likely there won't be changes to make within XF.


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I wanted to include here that I am utilizing W10, Google Chrome (Version 86.0.4240.75) and experiencing the same scenario as OP.

Edit - Some additional information - This is not occurring on mobile; only the desktop.
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For Firefox, go to Firefox options >> Home >> Browsing

Uncheck "Use autoscrolling"

So far that seems to be working for me.

No sorry. False alarm. That doesn't work. :confused:

I just hit a few threads in a row without embeds or large images.
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I've been playing around with different settings and I'm still experiencing this. This is only happening on the desktop version (not mobile) which is puzzling. It's also happening across multiple browsers. These are all natively attached photos.

Is there anything I can try to rectify this?