XF 2.0 CLI tools


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Where can I find these comprehensive suite of CLI command line tools?
For add-on developers and large board administrators, XF2 now includes a comprehensive suite of command line tools, allowing operations such as upgrades and add-on manipulation to be done from the terminal rather than having to operate through a web interface. This can be of huge benefit for long operations, such as recompiling all templates or upgrading a large site.
From the XF directory, run php cmd.php list. That will give you a list of all of the commands available. (Many of them are designed for developers and designers so require specific configurations to use.)
With php cmd.php list

i get

Warning: Unexpected character in input : '\' state 1 in ... cmd.php line 14 and
also an parse error in the same line; so i dont see any list for cmd.php
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