Fixed  Clarify why "Message Per Page" setting fights back


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Home -> Options -> Messages

Go down to the Messages Per Page and try to put in 4 or lower. Every time you lose focus on the field, it will revert back to 5. While I know it's a bit insane to have such small amount of messages per page (even 5 is crazy) at least indicate that it's recommended to have 5 or above, or don't let it revert the field in case someone a bit mad does, in fact, want 4 or less pages per page. :p

At first I thought this was a bug, only to realize it was a more subtle way of saying "This is not a good idea." Actually saying it though will definitely save some people from scratching their heads over it.


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These are the limits...

So yeah, you can't have less than 5. :D

Enter 4 in the textbox, then hit enter. (So it won't lose focus and revert to 5.)
The value 4 actually gets saved! A bug?


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Yes, it does save it if you do it that way. I was actually about to make this a bug report instead, but I was on the fence about it so I put it here.