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Christmas Bells


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ip0dhacker submitted a new resource:

Christmas Bells (version 0.5) - The great Christmas Bells for Xenforo

I know that Christmas is coming and everyone is doing something to decorate their forum look really nice for Christmas :)

I have something for all as a Christmas present :). These cute Christmas bells below are made to decorate for you forum. It will follow the user as they scrolls down the page.
Step 1 : Go to template header and add the following code at the end of it.


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Adam Howard

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It is only a matter of time before some "noob" copies and paste that code "as is" with the links and that site which is hosting the images for free has an issue.

So this post is for said "unknown noob"

Upload the attached photos to wherever (on your site) and change the link to the original code to your site.


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Pierre Boulanger

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Is it possible to place these beautiful bells between "the story of a legend" text and stay up there while scrolling?

Thanks so much :love:

The story of a legend.png