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Unmaintained Christmas Bells

The great Christmas Bells for Xenforo

  1. ip0dhacker
    I know that Christmas is coming and everyone is doing something to decorate their forum look really nice for Christmas :)

    I have something for all as a Christmas present :). These cute Christmas bells below are made to decorate for your forum. It will follow the user as they scrolls down the page.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Commodore
    This is fantastic. You can create any image this size on a transparent background and pop it right in. We love it!
  2. mypbaph
    thanks so much for this! brought christmas spirit to my forum! used it at my wordpress site as well... very east to install, and the result is amazing! cheers!
  3. dehness
    Like De Obertei said "beautiful, stylish and easy to install" They work perfectly on older forums like ours who can't install many of these more complicated add-ons.
  4. De Obertei
    De Obertei
    beautiful, stylish and easy to install