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Choosing Hosting

Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by rudymaddy, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. rudymaddy

    rudymaddy Member

    Very much confused.

    For Black Friday A2 hosting offers 52% off. so I can buy a linux vps unmanaged for $5/month atleast for the first year.
    But i am new to linux vps environment. They don't give cp, only root access. So I need to learn to use my VPS Linux to make it secure.

    Intially , i was planning to buy VB and host in URL JET starting from shared hosting.

    Still urljet is the best bet because of their service, but their shared hosting itself 25/month.

    or the last chance

    i can start with blue host shared hosting which is damn cheap. when the my forum grows i can move to URLJET VPS

    Will shared hosting will maintain the session and keep the user logged in.

    Confused, pls suggest me an idea.
  2. Jeremy

    Jeremy Well-Known Member

    If you aren't comfortable with managing your own server, you should go for a decent shared host or a managed service.
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  3. Amaury

    Amaury Well-Known Member

    I recommend @Mike Edge for shared hosting.
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  4. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    People ask this question a lot. And with so many providers out there, it's more of a question of what is right for you. Because there really is no "perfect, one size fits all" type of provider. Even though that maybe what everyone hopes to find.

    What I can tell you is a list of providers to avoid (technically, it's just 1 provider, but many names)

    And here is a 3 part article as to why

    Then you may wish to checkout http://www.WebHostingTalk.com for a good provider :)
  5. rudymaddy

    rudymaddy Member

    I can learn to manage it from tutorials and hope somebody helps here specifically for xenforo when i ask.

    Will shared hosting will keep the session and maintain the user loggedin state.

    BTW , how xenforo maintains the user logged in state - cookies, session, tables?
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2013
  6. Slavik

    Slavik XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Well if you want to learn, there are plenty here who will help :)

    In fact I have a guide going on here:


    While part 3 is a little bit off, the first 2 parts should give you a nice starting point I think.
  7. rudymaddy

    rudymaddy Member

    Thanks for tutorial links

    BTW , how xenforo maintains the user logged in state - cookies, session, tables?
  8. Slavik

    Slavik XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    XenForo uses cookies and sessions.
  9. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    If you're looking to learn how to manage your first VPS Server or Dedicated Server, I would suggest Debain (or Ubuntu).

    There is even a 1 part guide (because it's that easy) that shows you step by step instructions on how to do exactly that.


    And directly out of the box without even having to tweak it; it will use fewer resources than many of the alternatives out there.
  10. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Well-Known Member

    And one VERY important step that @Adam Howard left out of his guide is to do an
    aptitude install fail2ban
    then to go into /etc/fail2ban and cp jail.conf jail.local and edit it.
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  11. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    I actually suggest and recommend it in the thread, so I didn't forget it, but left it out of the guide.

    While I personally recommend using fail2ban, a lot of people complain of having issues with it. Others claim it is out of date. And finally often fail2bad configurations need to be edited for your own personal needs (and those vary widely).
  12. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    You can however learn a lot about fail2ban here


  13. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Well-Known Member

    I've had very good luck with it. It IS dependent upon you setting anything other than the default up correctly and you MUST have the ability for it to read the log files.

    2013-11-19 03:25:02,952 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [ssh] Ban
    2013-11-19 03:59:04,319 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [postfix] Ban
    2013-11-19 04:15:02,447 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [postfix] Ban
    2013-11-19 04:42:54,421 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [postfix] Ban
    2013-11-19 06:27:05,587 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [ssh] Ban
    2013-11-19 11:40:21,527 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [ssh] Ban
    2013-11-19 15:25:03,376 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [ssh] Unban
    2013-11-19 18:27:06,091 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [ssh] Unban
    2013-11-19 20:39:04,621 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [postfix] Unban
    2013-11-19 20:55:02,745 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [postfix] Unban
    2013-11-19 20:55:23,429 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [ssh] Ban
    2013-11-19 21:22:54,716 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [postfix] Unban
    2013-11-19 21:57:18,621 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [w00tw00t-sayapple] Ban
    2013-11-19 23:40:21,947 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [ssh] Unban
    2013-11-20 08:55:23,833 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [ssh] Unban
    2013-11-20 15:09:56,709 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [ssh] Ban
    2013-11-20 21:57:19,431 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [w00tw00t-sayapple] Unban
    2013-11-21 00:36:00,587 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [ssh] Ban
    2013-11-21 03:09:57,364 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [ssh] Unban
    2013-11-21 03:55:41,552 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [ssh] Ban
    2013-11-21 12:36:01,209 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [ssh] Unban
    2013-11-21 15:55:42,466 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [ssh] Unban
    2013-11-22 05:32:00,525 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [ssh] Ban
    2013-11-22 06:36:55,916 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [postfix] Ban
    2013-11-22 06:47:21,657 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [postfix] Ban
    2013-11-22 17:32:01,268 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [ssh] Unban
    2013-11-22 23:16:56,611 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [postfix] Unban
    2013-11-22 23:27:22,362 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [postfix] Unban
    2013-11-23 00:04:59,019 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [ssh] Ban
    2013-11-23 04:20:55,051 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [w00tw00t-sayapple] Ban
    2013-11-23 07:30:05,394 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [w00tw00t-sayapple] Ban
    2013-11-23 12:04:59,503 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [ssh] Unban
    2013-11-23 12:09:06,926 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [w00tw00t-sayapple] Ban
    2013-11-23 22:20:24,420 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [w00tw00t-sayapple] Ban
    2013-11-23 23:39:23,944 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [ssh] Ban
    2013-11-24 04:20:55,891 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [w00tw00t-sayapple] Unban
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  14. rudymaddy

    rudymaddy Member

    Thanks for the recommendation people.

    "XenForo uses cookies and sessions."

    That is what i am concerned with shared hosting. Most of the times the session will be lost. So i was thinking of cheap vps from a2 hosting ( they are good in their service too),, hmm but i have to spend time to learn manage vps now.

    May be today i will try in my vps learning Debian or CentOS. Unfortunately the guides posted here i can't view because i did not buy xenforo. I want to buy hosting first to utilize black friday offer

  15. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    There is an add-on that will keep your members logged in virtually forever (unless they log out). I just visited a site that I helped installed almost last month (2 1/2 weeks ago) and I was still logged in.


    I use shared hosting myself for our file server and I'm still logged in as well
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  16. rudymaddy

    rudymaddy Member

    I was about to post a question before reading your post. Will shared hosting environment sustain user logged in state?

    What is the name of the add on let me see it in my admin demo. is it free/
    Thanks for your post.
  17. jwright

    jwright Active Member

    All common shared hosts these days will have no issues with PHP sessions. Cookies are a client-side thing so it's not so much host-dependent.
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  18. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    I have linked you the add-on in my post. It is free so it will not cost you anything extra.

    Yes, shared hosting has no issue keeping people logged in. You need only visit my site if you wish to see an example of that.

    If you need help installing or configuring anything, once you have purchased XenForo, send me a PM (private message) and I will be happy to help :)
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  19. rudymaddy

    rudymaddy Member

    Adam where is your site hosted, loads very fast
  20. Slavik

    Slavik XenForo Moderator Staff Member

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