Chitika is GARBAGE


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I know but I can't use adsense in my Arts and Literature subforum because Google keeps shutting down my account due to bikini pics being posted there so I use chitika in that subforum instead and Adsense in the other subforums. Because Chitika sucks so hard I've signed up for Clicksor, infolinks, adversal and exit junction.

Rho Delta

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I wouldn't. Yes, its more than Chitika, but it they don't have good QA on their ads. I've had many of my users report of not only viruses in the ads, but as well as blatant nudity.
It is the best paying alternative to adsense I have ever used but yes VERY ****ty ads get through on it.


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Pretty sure anyone could have told you that. hehe I tried Chitika for awhile (think we let it run for something like 500,000 or so impressions). Ended up making like $5... $0.01/CPM... yeah... no thanks. lol

The same ad placement/impressions with AdSense will bring in more like $1,500 fairly easily.

So yes... Chitika is garbage.


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Haven't tried infolinks or exit junction myself. But yeah... in my experience selling directly to advertisers is by far the best, with 2nd best being AdSense.


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I will try viglink later, How was viglink earn revenue ? Any tricks, tips ?
It's easy and invisible to your users. You paste the code they give you in the footer and you will get credit for any affiliate link on your site that is clicked. All you have to do is sit back and count the money.

How much you make will depend on your community and their interests. eBay is a good payer and if your users link to a lot of ebay auctions you will make money.