Checking Status for phpBB 3.2 Import Support


New member
I'm looking to move to xF from a growing phpBB community. A few threads here address the available support for importing phpBB (up to version 3.1) into xF. One thread mentioned that importers are added for "stable releases."

Now that phpBB 3.2 is reportedly stable, are there plans to add an importer? Or does anyone have any stories of 3.2 import successes/failures?

Thank you!

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
So far we have not had any reports of the importer not working in phpBB 3.2 but conversely we've not had any reports of it working, either.

If you're currently running phpBB 3.1 but you have plans to move to XF, then I recommend just staying on 3.1 for now. If you're running phpBB 3.2 already, you would be somewhat of a guinea pig. We cannot make any assurances as to whether it would work, or not, but we would try and resolve any issues if you find any. With that in mind, it'd be highly recommended to do the import in a test environment first in case there are any issues. We wouldn't necessarily be able to guarantee a quick fix of any issues.