Not a bug Checkboxes misaligned


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Checkboxes are misaligned in all browsers.


mis1.PNG mis2.PNG

These should be vertically aligned with the text. Right now they stick to the text baseline, which looks weird.

To fix:

input[type=checkbox] { vertical-align: top; }


good2.PNG good1.PNG

But that won't fix them on thread creation page:


So there should be some specific solution for them.


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Yeah, that would be consistent with the adjustments they've made in the full search page and such. Good catch.

Whoops, actually those check boxes need to be fixed up to. It was the textfields (like on the search page) I was referring to that got some alignment adjustments in 1.2.

So looks like that adjustment has to be applied everywhere.


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It's really just luck with the text height that it moves for the smaller text. It doesn't really appear to move on our "normal" text size. Conversely, it also will completely change the alignment on larger text with a checkbox, for example.

Regardless, I don't think I'd make a sweeping change in a post-stable release, especially for something that is more of a personal choice (and I've only seen it mentioned here...).