Check for user name on registration!


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It's really, really, really frustrating for someone who is trying to register to find out--after hitting Sign Up--that their chosen user name is taken. It means having not only to re-enter a new user name but also to re-enter the password and, most aggravating of all, to re-enter any captcha. Unchecking "announcements," etc., again, too.

Is there a way to check for existing user names on sign-up so that folks don't get pissed off before they even get on the board as a member?



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I'm not sure why you wouldn't see it, but if you enter a username that is in use, immediately after going to the next field you should see this...



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Interesting. I just registered on a board on which I did not see that. Maybe the board was using an older version? Is this a relatively new feature?