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My community is currently in need of a chat add-on for Xenforo. The problem I'm running into in my search for something we can use is that we do have some very specific needs. Right now I have AJAXChat (Blueimp) installed with a add-on / mod to integrate it by Man on Da Moon I believe. It really does a great job and it almost completely fits the bill for what we need.


What I'm looking for is someone that can either edit / add to / create a new add-on for this Chat that will allow it to do what we need or someone who can write something for us that works nicely with Xenforo.

Our community needs are:
  • Ability to use the /nick function
  • Ability for users to download transcripts of only their chat sessions. This can either be downloaded to their user control panel for thirty days or directly downloaded and saved to their computer. Would need to be in pdf / html or rich text format to keep most formatting.
  • A dice roller for ten sided dice where our users can specify how many dice they need to roll and a difficulty
  • Ability to turn on / off sounds when a message is sent or a private message / chat invitation is received
  • Unlimited characters in what a user posts
  • A sidebar listing of who's currently chatting and in what room while you're in the chat. For example, AJAXChat shows this but it posts inside the chat who is on and it doesn't list what room they are in. Would prefer to be able to click a 'who's online' or 'who's chatting' button / link and have something open in a sidebar or small pop up window.
  • Function of either 'Enter' or 'Shift+Enter' inserting paragraph breaks
I understand that this isn't just a simple undertaking, and I apologize if there is a chat out there that does these things and integrates with Xenforo but I have looked and searched and haven't been able to find anything.

Please let me know if this can be done and what something like this might end up costing our community.

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I have been using ArrowChat for a while and I am pretty happy with it.

It does what it advertises (chat), lets me see the logs, create chat rooms, put a chat room by default, integrates with XenForo..... and does not bring down my server.

Depends on the load though. It works fine with my 150 online users. More than that may be an issue.


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We don't have that many users. In fact, I would feel comfortable saying our user numbers are well under 50.

The problem that I have is that the logs are something I don't want to see unless it's a chat session I'm involved in. I don't want other users to be able to view everyone's chat logs. So, a user should only be able to view the chat logs that they were a part of. Also, ArrowChat seems to be more of a Facebook / bottom docked chat and I'm looking for something that is actual chat software that allows me to create multiple rooms etc rather than a 'shoutbox' type of chat.

Thanks though for the information!

Edit: actually, I take that back. It looks like you can pop out the chat...I'll have a further look. Thank you again!

(I did take a look at features and it isn't exactly what I need, unfortunately)
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