RM 1.1 Charge people for resource?

Okay I am going insane here.

When I go to my resource manager to upload a style I wish to release for sale I get the following options:-
Upload File
External Downloads URL
External Purchase and Download (which then has price and currency)
Does not have a file.

Now I have no idea what I do to get it where people turn around and pay me for my style.

I am attempting to put it on my website for sale, then onto the resource manager here for sale.

Yet can't really do anything until I can actually get money for it :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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The RM does not support payment options for downloading resources; it short, it isn't geared towards being used as an online store.

Chris D

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If it's any help, most people use Fetch App (http://www.fetchapp.com).

Then you just set up your resource as an External purchase and whenever someone clicks buy now, they're taken to Fetch App which will take them to PayPal. You receive all the money minus whatever the PayPal fees are. Fetch App is completely free but you only get a small amount of storage. $5 a month gets you more. But generally styles and add-ons are less than 1MB so it's usually workable on their free or $5 accounts.


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Chris, have you come across a way of automatically adding users who purchase something to a secondary group or are you handling that type of stuff manually?

Chris D

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I'm using this at http://xenmediagallery.com:


It ties product purchases to user upgrades. So upon successful purchase of a license for a product, you're automatically upgraded to a secondary group.

I'm not totally happy with it so I will be writing my own when I've done the million and one other things I need to do (including giving some love to the Competitions add-on and others).

Obviously for most my add-ons, I just use Fetch App. But eventually I'll have my own add-on that handles payments, licenses, account upgrades etc. which I may use for everything.
Thanks for the information Chris,
I did have the Good for nothing Product Manager (and still do) but with the developer disappearing it prompted me to buy the resource manager and find new ways of doing things. Am kinda thinking for now though I may go back to it.