Not a bug  changing url portion in pages

Brett Peters

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Usure if this is a bug or if I am missing something, Anyway I posted here for an answer.

I set up pages in XF rc2, I am now on the current release (congratulations) with all templates reverted.

When I go into ACP and edit the URL Portion for a page I am unable to access this paige (error)
I have tried all the appropriate ACP tools such as rebuild caches and also in browser, Then checked with VPN with different browser but to no avail, Once the URL is saved back to the original URL then the page will load.


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Do you mean you are unable to access the old URL or the new URL from the front end?

Or is it an error in the ACP?

If the front end, what error are you getting?


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Is it possibly a server cache issue?

I haven't had any problems changing the URL portion on any nodes.