XF 1.5 Changing Text color in a custom box

Jim Fox

I added a Text Box to the Sidebar per Brogans examples in:

It works great! My question now is how do I make part of the text Bold? And I also can I change color of the text, so that the first sentence is Red as I have it, and then rest of the text is change to White or maybe Blue?

My code:
<div class="section">
<div class="secondaryContent" style="color: red">
<h3>Notes and Quotes</h3>
A HUGE Welcome to those who I met at the Anaheim Camera Swapmeet!
<br />
I hope that you feel at home in here. The Forum INFO section has HELP guides that are very useful.

The Line after the Carriage Return, can it be changed to a different color? And if so, how?