XF 2.2 Changing statistic data


I am currently transitioning my forum from another forum to XenForo and unfortunately I will not be able to transfer the database (there is no importer). I am obviously aware that I will not be able to import posts etc., however, I am wondering whether I can adjust the "Forum Statistics" widget to start counting from number X?

Number X being the total number of posts on my current forum.
Unfortunately, I do not think it will be possible at all - it's a ProBoards forum.

I'd be happy with just modifying the forum statistics if that's possible?
It doesn't make much sense and no-one will care but if you really want to do it, edit the widget_forum_statistics template and change this:

To this:
<dd>{{ ($forumStatistics.messages + 1000000)|number }}</dd>

Change the 1000000 value as required.
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