Changing/random Title?


I want to setup a changing title, just for the main (front) page of my website.

Easiest explanation:
Instead of "Website title"
I want it to say "Website title - Something else"
But on every other page of the site (actual forums, threads whatever) to just use the default webpage title setup.

I can probably work on hacking together my own code so I'm not just looking for a handout, but if someone could at least tell me...
  • How feasible this is, I'm pretty sure it's not a huge issue but I'm not familiar enough with Xenforo and it's specific coding to know if this will turn into some huge undertaking
  • A rough starting point, I'm assuming (hoping?) that it's as simple as adding some code to the html of the front page of the website
  • If it's a fairly simple code change, how likely it is to mess up anything in the future, something as vague as "you're crazy, don't even bother" or "no problem at all" is all I'm looking for
Thanks in advance for any responses!


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Just edit the forum_list template and change the text between the h1 tags on the first line.