Changing Post Title

Ryan Kent

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Is it possible to edit the title of a thread? I realize it would break any links. If someone makes a new post then discovers he made a typo or other error in the thread's title, can it be changed? I noticed with EDIT you can change all of the post but don't see the ability to edit the title.

Jake Bunce

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It falls under the moderator permissions:

Admin CP -> Users -> Moderators
> Manage (move, merge, etc.) thread by anyone

You can also grant this permission in the usergroups:

Admin CP -> Users -> List User Groups -> [click a group] -> Manage (move, merge, etc.) thread by anyone

When a user has this permission then the option will show in the Thread Tools menu at the top of the thread, like EQnoble said.

Screen shot 2011-02-18 at 12.09.18 AM.png

You can also click the Edit link in the thread listing.

Screen shot 2011-02-18 at 12.10.53 AM.png

Ryan Kent

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Thank you all. Each of you added to my understanding of this topic.

Once I found the "Thread Tools" selection within the thread, it was easy. I never noticed that option before. I would suggest there should be a way to make this change in the normal "Edit" area of the thread, but I am sure the XF team had their reasons for placing the option where they did.


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Sorry for bumping an old thread, so, a normal user can not edit his own thread title -only- ?! It's either he has to be a moderator or giving the permission to manage thread (edit, move, etc.) ? How disturbing. Personally It happens often for me to edit my title in others boards to put a better title, or fixing typos. There is really no solution ? :confused:


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I'm really sick of finding I can't moderate on my own board.
I am both Admin and Super Moderator. What ELSE do I have to do to edit a ruddy thread title?

There really needs to be an option in the essential board stuff to either split Admin and Moderation or not. I've seen others complaining about this - where you are simply the person in charge overall you don't need this division of tasks. IT just creates frustration at not being able to do your job.


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I click Moderators (under Users)
I'm listed as Super Moderator
Clicking my name in the list of abilities I am ticked on ALL boxes including delete or edit threads.

Yet on the frontend I cannot moderate threads or posts. I can only edit my own.


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Your permissions must not be set up correctly.

If you would like me to take a look, I can do so.
I will need a super admin log in to be able to edit another super admin though.


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It's just a case of checking the user group, user and node permissions specific to the user in question.

If Never is set anywhere then it will override all other settings and prevent the permission in question from being allowed.

Otherwise you should be using Allow, Not Set (No), Inherit and Revoke as required.


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I have checked usergroups Brogan. I hardly ever use the No/ red setting and never on anything that might affect me.
I belong to no user group except Admin and Super Moderator.

You are admin and super moderator on my board.
I don't know how to make you super admin.


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How do I add another Super Administrator?
Edit the library/config.php file and add any additional users IDs, comma delimited like so:
$config['superAdmins'] = '1, 2, 3';
Note that users must already be Administrators.

From what you're saying though, it seems as if you don't have it set up optimally.
All users should be in the Registered user group as the primary; it is far easier to manage that way.

I have over 20 user groups, however I only need to change a single permission in the Registered user group for it to affect every single member.


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I just had a very quick look at your permissions Morgain.

You are a member of the Elder user group and that has Never set for a lot of permissions.

Never overrides everything, every other group and user permission.

You should hardly ever be using Never.
I have over 20 user groups and I use it once - to pre-moderate new members posts only.


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Thank you Brogan.

I made myself an Elder because I set an Elders forum to access only Elders. They are my managers and advisers socially but not moderators so they don't have permission to delete stuff. Not software savvy enough.
I've removed that from my own settings.
Then I have to go through giving myself individual permission to access that area. Plus every other area like it which is for a particular usergroup. Ugh.
Surely there is a way for me to hold global override access no matter what restrictions I set on my groups of members?

I thought the usergroup someone belonged to with the highest range of permissions was the one that overrode the others?
For example I have 2 basic usergroups which simply denote location - nearby or faraway from our central point geographically. All members are allocated or ask for, one or the other. But as that is very basic it does have restrictions.
Once a member acquires a higher status with more permissions, doesn't that override the earlier location based one? Because the location usergroups will continue to have their own forums still.