Changing Message to New User Awaiting Approval

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Hi all, I'm a bit of a challenging time finding the place where I can amend the on-screen message to a new customer. I just did a test sign up, I get an email to be verified, which I did, and on screen it asks me to introduce myself and to upload an avatar. However, when I try clicking on these two options I am told that I don't have permission to access this area. This is logical to me since all my users are manually approved. However, this is not logical to the customer. Can I add a sentence somewhere that tells them that their account takes up to 12 hours to get approved?
Hi Jake, no, I think I may have found it, it's a Xenfans welcome block add-on. But I can't find the place to make changes and I can't seem to find their add on here anymore. Where did they go?
I am not familiar with that add on but usually the changes for the text/wording is done either through a language phrase or it might be hard coded. All you have to do is find the phrase or the hard coded text and change it.
Oh, I didn't make myself clear. It's not an add on. I hired a separated coder to do this. All I'm hoping to find out is what type of coding this is (C++, Ruby on Rails, PHP, etc.). :-)
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