XF 1.1 New user awaiting email confirmation showing online when he isn't

A new user signed up and was sent the Confirmation email required response.
At this point, the user status in ACP is showing as "Registered- awaiting confirmation" - correct.

However, this new user is also showing in the list of currently signed on members on the right hand side panel.
This is incorrect as he is not signed on.
Below that the current "Latest Member" is correctly showing another userid.

So there is a disconnect here.


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As an administrator, you can see unconfirmed users that are browsing, so rest assured he is online. Why are you sure he's not?
Because it was me... I logged off as my Admin id back to Guest, created a new signon as a Test userid, The email was sent to my test email address to confirm my membership but I did not reply to that email.
Signed off as the Test user and back on as Admin as I wanted to check out my user promotions. On arriving back at the forum home page it showed the active signed on users including me as Admin and it was still showing this new temporary Test user, refreshed etc but it remained.
Below the list of currently signed on users it correctly showed the last fully authenticated user.

I went into ACP to list the users and then deleted the Test user and then back to home page and it was correctly now removed.


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If I explicitly go to the "log out" link, then I can't reproduce this - the user goes away from the online now list.

However, if they simply leave the site, we can't detect this - so anyone who accessed in the last X minutes (default 15) will be shown as online.