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Hi there.

I was wondering where I would need to look to make the resource icons bigger and what code I would need to change to be able to upload bigger icon files.
The changes only needs to be done on the resource page and not on the widgets.

The reason why I'm asking is that we are using the RM as an download sections for mods for various games and many of the users are looking at the icons to see what kind of mod it is (modeling wise)
Alright found out where to do it.

  1. Change the "resource_list.css" -> ".resourceListItem .resourceImage" to the size needed.
  2. Change the "resource_icon.css" -> ".resourceIconEditor .currentIcon" and ".resourceIconEditor .currentIcon img" to the size needed.
  3. Change the "$iconSize" to the size needed in: "library/XenResource/Model/Resource.php" at line 18:
    public static $iconSize = 96;
All done and working like a champ.
If there is already resource icons uploaded, then they should be reuploaded in the new size again, for better quality.

Hope this can help others with the same question as I had.

Kind regards
Satis (enzosnext's site developer)
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