XF 2.1 Changed Locked Threads Background Colour In Thread List


Hello! I have been trying to work out how to change the background colour of threads that have been locked when viewed in the forum list, and I just can't fathom it... I did a search here and found the following thread:

However, the information given does not match up with the structure of the template in XF2.1 it seems? Does anyone have a way that I can change the background colour for a thread, or overlay it with a colour or dim the text or anything that makes it obvious that the thread has been locked?



Okay, thanks... In that case I am having a very hard time following it, as the line:
{{ $thread.discussion_open ? '' : ' is-locked' }}

doesn't seem to exist for me when doing a search. I've even searched parts of that line like simply "is-locked" and it's coming up blank, so I assumed something had changed between XF2.0 and XF2.1

Steve F

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That line is what needs added to the thread_list_macros template so you can target the is-locked class it creates with CSS.

Follow the directions in that thread then add this code to the extra.less template:
.structItem.is-locked * {  background: red; }