XF 1.3 Changed Background color on Selected menu link


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Hi :)

I'm puzzled and tired of trying and searching - perhaps one of you can answer me this:

I have created a side bar in Widget-Framework, with a list of links.

I used the "NavigationSideBar" class and rewrote it to a new "NavigationSideBar2" class which I'm using to style in Extra.css.

So far so good and everything is as I want it.

However, I would like the selected link/tab in the menu to have a different color so that it's possible for the user to see where he is (like you have selected tabs in the navigation in a special color).

I have tried everything, but I really can't figure out what to use to choose the selected link.

I tried with .navigationSideBar2 a:selected and .navigationSideBar2 ul select .navigationSideBars .secondaryContent etc. - but nothing seems to help.

The class I'm using is the same used in help and the profile. Here it works though ... when you choose a link in the menu it has another color than the rest.

Thank you =)