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Change username for deleted user 1.0

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Change username for deleted user - change username

Situation: a person registered services on the forum under his real name. And then it was removed for some reason. But the name remained in many places. And now this man needs to remove his name from public access. In some countries You are required to do so under the law on personal data.

This addon adds the ability to change username in this tables:
  • posts
  • threads
  • forums
  • profile posts
  • converstations
  • reports
  • news feeds
  • alerts
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Is this compatible with XF 1.5?

Anyone use this and can give feedback?

Also, does it change the user name in quoted posts?
I stumbled upon this add-on, that promised to desolve a running problem on my forum.
I installed this add-on in XF 5.1.13 and in no time an angry former member is no more to be found.
Excellent tool.
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