XF 1.3 Change threads, posts view, etc...


Three questions about forum usability

1. How to make in needed threads/forums new messages on the top (reverse order)

2. How to view new posts only from the forums i need?
in vB this is very easy: forum.com/search.php?do=getnew&include=10,15 (10 & 15 - id of forums)

3. Where in user's profile settings about enable/disable viewing user sing, avatar, images between BB-codes in message body? In vB its very easy by this link: http://forum.com/profile.php?do=editoptions


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1. Click on Title, Start Date, etc. to change the order of threads.
2. Use the option in each node to change that.
3. Account > Preferences


1. Sorry, i think that describe it not so well. How to change posts order in the threads? From newest at the end of thread to newest to the top of first page?

2. You talking about "Watch Forum" and select "New Messages" and send notifications via alert?

3. Thanks. I missed it (