XF 1.5 Possible to hide certain subforum threads from 'new posts' view?


Did a few searches and couldn't find anything definitive - if there's a known solution I'd appreciate a link :)

My forum is often overrun with 'game' type threads (replies with one word answers, no inherent value per se). A big problem is that the 'new posts' sidebar widget, which is imo one of the coolest XF features and one I use a lot, is always filled with these dumb threads, making it harder to find interesting content. To brand new/unregistered users, it also sets a bad tone for the content we provide.

I was wondering if there's a built-in way to set a certain forum or subforum to "don't show updates in 'new posts'". I'm hoping this will both hide from the widget, AND when you go to the 'new posts' standalone page, as both are overrun.

I'd ideally like to set this on the forum level, but if there's a way to do it on the USER level (couldn't find this either), that's probably also ok. We'd probably set up the latter as set to "always hide" by default for that subforum, and users could explicitly change to don't hide if they want.

Add-ons would also be ok if there's no built-in solution, but I'd really prefer something built-in as I have PHPBB PSTD from how hard it used to be to upgrade the core software with updates installed. We've been setting up a few template modifications through the panel as well, so if there's some code changes we could swap out that way on our own, that's also fine.



Yes!!! Thank you, so easy!

While you're here, is there a way that a user can override this value? I've been wondering if users can choose to totally ignore certain forums or subforums, for example (or, if they can totally ignore certain threads on that level - meaning they are totally hidden from view when looking at a forum's thread list)

I've had some users say they'd like to hide the entire general discussion forum from the homepage view, for example.