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Change the style properties of profile heading etc.


I would be very greatful for any help I could get with this:

1. Change color of both the small box and the number next to "Following"/"Followers" on a members profile. Attached image (1).

2. Change the text color of "post new thread". Attached image (2)

3. Change color of the text beneath the forums. Attached image (3)

4. Change color of the text next to the avatar when logged in and browsing the site. Attached image (4)

5. Change color of the text on a members profile page. Attached image (5)

6. And how do you change the background color on a members profile page. Attached image (6)

Thanks for the help :)



XenForo moderator
Staff member
1. Add to EXTRA.css
.textWithCount.subHeading .count {
color: @textCtrlText !important;
2. Style Properties: Buttons -> Call-to-Action Button Inner -> Text: Color

3. Add to EXTRA.css
.pairs dt, .pairsInline dt, .pairsRows dt, .pairsColumns dt, .pairsJustified dt {
color: orange;
4. Covered in 3.

5. Covered in 3.

6. Add to EXTRA.css
.profilePage .primaryUserBlock .primaryContent,
.profilePage .primaryUserBlock .secondaryContent {
background-color: orange;
Thanks Brogan! How come I have to change it in EXTRA.css and not in Style Properties? Is this something that will be changed in future updates of Xenforo. It's fine with me to change it in EXTRA.css, but just curious =)


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Not everything is currently exposed in Style Properties.

Over time I expect more elements will be added.
Thanks Brogan! Have another question.. how do I change the color of the pop-up window that appears when you click on a member and the close-button on that pop-up. Attached a image on this post that show which pop-up I mean.