Lack of interest Change the hover color of the account navtabs

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Matthew Hawley

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I really don't think the white looks good on the blue background. If your going to keep it like this at least add a text-shadow that looks more appealing.
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Where exactly are you seeing it like that? My screen looks fine on all states
In some cases (I find it hard to get it to show this btw) for a split second between the transition of hovering over the account and the menu dropdown it kind of flashes to that state. But I've hovered and opened the menu for 10 minutes (i'm bored) :p and can't replicate it. It's actually more difficult to get what matthew posted to show with regards to that nav state to display. And I'm sure this has been posted and discussed before.


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Yes thats what I mean.
I'm almost sure this is As designed. Off the bat I can't see a reason why you would click the tab if your present within that area and the additional links you can access are in the side navigation within this area. I mean, I could be mistaken this is As designed but it's certainly not something I worry about since it's styled and removed out.

I'm sure @Mike and @Brogan can and will confirm/dismiss this.


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To be honest, looking at the original image in the post and the one I've just taken from a default install (once @Shelley explained where to find it lol) it looks like the original image isn't default anyway, pretty sure you have a css change on there, which is making it look worse @Matthew Hawley



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You can remove that split second colour change using EXTRA.css.

.navTabs .navTab.PopupClosed .navLink:hover {
color: @CTAExtraColour8;
Change the colour to match one of the other colours.