Change the company name to be different to the product name


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This suggestion is somewhat different to the norm as I'm not proposing a change to the product itself, but rather the company that makes it.

It can be that little bit confusing having the company and the product name the same, with people having to clarify what they're referring to at times. Looks like the big players think so too as several have changed their names, with two coming to mind: Google became Alphabet and Facebook became Meta. There's now a clear distinction between company and product.

Please upvote if you'd like to see this change.
This is not a valid suggestion for the software so I have moved the thread to the appropriate forum.
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While the company is only making one product I don't think this is relevant.

If they make other software or spin off something then maybe but until now XenForo's only product is forum software and optional addons.
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