Add-on Change node depth visibility on Forum home (get sub-forums as forums)

I have a "particular need": I need to change the depth visibility in home in order to display the subnodes as nodes (with the discussion/replies count, etc...).

Let me explain, my forum has this structure:

Macrocategory (Can't post anything here)
|_ Category (Can't post anything here)
|_|_ Forum
|_|_|_ Sub-forum

If I try this structure, in the forum home I get "Macrocategory" that shows as category and the categories are showed as they are forums (and with a tab that shows all the forum as they're Sub-forums).

I need that I show Macrocategory and Category as categories and the forums as they usually are showed (same for sub-forum as "tab" to open).

I made ad image that could explain better than any word what I need:

So basically you want the "Games" enveloping category box to be hidden on the front page?
No, I want to show the Games category box.

The Image is an "alteration" i made on Photoshop of what I want to get from the plugin.

Actually XenForo show me the nodes in this way (so hiding forums and subforums, because they're of depth level major than 2):

Are you giving it another go this year? :)

OK I'll help you out, I'll have a look.
Last year I partially resolved the problem by making a plugin that changes a variable and by doing some changes to the forum node template.

But with this plugin I got another problem with the sub-forums that started to show as normal forums in the tooltip/popup and not as a simple plain list.

This time, unfortunatly, I didn't have much time to spend on studying the new XF2 plugin and template system (for working reasons), but on the other hand I really need to be ready to upgrade to XF2 when the beta stage ends, because It has many (modern) things that my forum really needs.