MG 1.1 Change Navigation Tab Action


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I'd like to open a category instead of one of the 4 default options. I tried doing this with route filters but didn't have any luck. any way to do this?


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I'm afraid I don't understand the question.
When I click Media in my Nav bar I want to be taken to a media category instead of one of the default options -
  • Always Media Home
  • Always Album Home
  • New Media (if no new media, then Media Home)
  • New Media (if no new media, then Album Home)


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Sorry, I totally missed that this was in the XFMG forum.

Unfortunately, I'm not seeing an great way that this can be done short of code changes/an add-on. (It may be possible to do something in the navigation template, but this won't cover all cases.)


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Ok I'll just change the link in the template. thanks anyway

Edit: you actually have to edit the listener.php file. FYI if anyone else is looking to do this
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