Change Forum Title Link Colour


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Hi everyone,

I've been at this all day and still can't find out where to change the forum title link colour. Would using html in the node list work?

Also, could anyone tell me where the option to show a list of the forums in a category is instead of it just scrolling down to the category you've clicked on. That didn't make much sense to me but hopefully someone will be able to decipher it and tell me LOL!

Thanks in advance.
Renada :)


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To show all forums in a category, you need to alter the behaviour in the ACP: Options -> Node & Forum List -> Create Pages for Categories

The forum title link colour is governed by a:link, a:visited in xenforo.css.

You can however add a color to .node .nodeTitle in node_list.css and/or change it in Style Properties -> Forum List -> Node Title