XF 2.2 How to change forum title styling


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I have worked out how to adjust colours and styles for all text on the page - except for the forum name below the banner and above the nodes. It is just black and not in a great font or size. Anyone know how to do that?
Hi. Thanks yes I've got that bit sorted. It's the bit underneath - before the first node. Originally it just said Xen Foro and changed it to the name of the forum - so it's just a typed name, under the logo main header and before the first node :) I don't like the typeface and it looks a bit unformatted somehow.
On this example it is the heading in black saying XenForo Community - under the Home and Forums tabs and before the pink node titled "Official Forums". I'd like to change the font and style (without changing all the other fonts ideally).

Thank you Brogan :-) Where do I find the section to do that please? Also another question. I have done a lot of adjusting to get the forum looking how I want - is there any way to save all these adjustments as a template. So If I ever need to reinstall I can just set it all up as before instantly?
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