XF 2.1 Change display level for categories?


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I have 3 levels of nodes showing and would like to change the display to show only the first level, ie:

Category 1
  • Forum 1
  • - Forum 2


Category 1
- Forum 1

where you'd have to click on Forum 1 to see Forum 2 listed.

I remember with vbulletin 3 I could change the display level settings, but I can't find anything similar in XF - in Options or Nodes, or in the online manual.

Is this feature not built in, or am I looking in the wrong places?


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Doesn't make any difference without a setting that decides to show/hide level 2 forums. I've searched everywhere and can't find such a setting, so thought I'd ask for clarification as I'd be very surprised if it really were missing.


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Are you trying to remove the subforum listing?
If so, Appearance > Style Properties > Node/forum list > Your board's style > Sub-forums display style

Set to "None".