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Certain amount of posts before upload attachment

New Joe

Active member
Is there an add on which will stop a user from uploading an attachment until they've posted a certain number of posts?
I searched around a bit but couldn't fine one

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
This doesn't need an add-on, it can be achieved with user group permissions and user group promotions.

Set the permissions of your Registered user group so that "Upload attachments to posts" is Not Set (No).

Then create a user group and set the permission so that "Upload attachments to posts" is Allow. Create a user group promotion that will promote users into that user group after the desired number of posts have been made.

This may help:

New Joe

Active member
Thanks, I had thought of doing that as I used that in vB but just wondered if there had been an add on made for such a thing

New Joe

Active member
Why would an add-on be made for such a thing when it can be achieved with default functionality?
Just being lazy really, if an add on would add an extra bit of info in the upper group x amount of posts before can upload an attachment just would be a little easier really...

New Joe

Active member
Looking for an add on which will stop a new user who has a post count less than 5 posting urls/links.
I've tired the Tac Anti Spam - (Free Version) but it doesn't work, as when set up correctly a poster under 5 posts can still post urls.

New Joe

Active member