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I am asking a Pre-Sale Question in the "Pre-Sale Questions" forum, which I had assumed was the correct place to ask such questions before I purchase the software. I am currently evaluating the demo version which has been set up for me. If/when I buy a licence then I will no longer ask questions in the "Pre-Sale Questions" forum as I would be a post-sale customer so would ask questions in the "Customer" forums.
@Brogan I see no reason why you locked my original question (which was just downright rude of you!), so I will ask it again:

How do I stop people from accessing a particular forum until them have reached a certain number of posts?
I'm sure I saw it somewhere in the settings but now cannot find it.
Specific support will not be provided in the pre-sales forum.

The feature you are asking about is possible.
Once you purchase a license you will be able to post for support in implementing it.
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