XF 1.4 Centered photos on screen in full size


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If you click on photo in post, photo will expand (resize), but full size photo view is not centered. If user put photo in the end of text (on right side) when another user click on photo to see larger view of photo, photo expand but it is look all ugly.

Can this photos be centered on screen when they are expand to full size? Something like attachment thumbnail.
Some magic extra.css code :)



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Class is .bbCodeImageFullSize
I've tried many soluions via extra css, with and without !important but I have no luck.

Could somebody give me solution to center on screen full size photo (when user click on it in post).


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This is part of bb_code_base.css which control full size images.

    position: absolute;
    z-index: 50000;
    @property "primaryContent.background";
    background-color: rgb(120, 184, 144);
    @property "/primaryContent.background";

What code to insert there or in extra.css so full size images on click will be centered on screen?