As designed Censored Words not working as what I expected


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As described censored word "dog" will filter dog, not dogs.

But I want to exclude also those words inside a URL.


I would like to exclude it to the filter list, Kindly move this to appropriate Forum if not suited here.


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Using 1.3, I have "dog" (no * around it) censored and that URL gets replaced. Note that a URL that contains "dog" but as a part of a word would not be censored (as you acknowledge on the first line).

Is this not what you're seeing? If not, I'd need an exact configuration to replicate it.


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Yes, for example I have added a censored word "dog" (without asterisk before and after)
If someone post this url:
Currently on XF 1.3.0 beta 1, it will become***/index.html
I don't want that keyword of the url being filtered.

Can you do it on next release to ignore those censored keywords on URL?
Please Mike. :rolleyes: