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Lack of interest Categories list improvements


Active member
Some of the category list improvements I would like to see in XMG. If you have a large category list (4500+), like i do, you would probably know what I am talking about.

  1. allow auto sorting of top level categories and their children under them, at least alphabetically. So top level categories are always in order and same with their child categories.
  2. to make the list load faster, only show top level categories and once clicked, that category's children. Loading one page full of 4500+ categories is awful.
  3. ability to push permissions and settings down from top level category to its children instead of managing each category by itself, one by one.
  4. When browsing the category list on gallery home page, make the list and which category user is at more apparent/stylish rather than "bold" category.
  5. perhaps we can do something about WHO can delete categories? Not just anyone who is admin... any admin being able to delete category and everything under it is dangerous.

aren't there different levels of admin? I know on vBulletin (we haven't switched to Xen live yet) you can have Administrators, Super Moderators, and Moderators. Then we have the option to designate what the last 2 can and can't do