Add-on Casino Add-on Request $100

My members are still bugging about a casino. Part of why I shared so much resources on Xenforo was in hopes that my free contributions to Xenforo would help more people choose Xenforo and in doing so, the casino would probably get made faster. That was very naive. I should've put a link to the Casino Request thread in all of em at the very beginning and described why a casino is so important at the beginning of this thread. I don't have $1500 to pay Waindigo to develop the Casino nor do I think people are interested enough to donate towards this project. I should've kept my vB4 installation up just so that they could use the casino and eMoney. I never did because I could't figure out a way to display credits from vbulletin to Xenforo. I'm just gonna focus on another hobby for now. I'm gonna wait a couple years or so to see if a casino gets made or hope I make enough money from my other hobby so I can pay for it.
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Yeah. As a noob I took that addon for granted but over time as I learned more about what goes on behind the addon creation process I can now fully appreciate all the hard work that's gone into it.
I think OP missed a zero or two in his tittle :)
Maybe contact the author of that VB addon to see if he can port to XF? I don't expect anyone to make this soon, much less for $100.
For VB addon was written 3 years.
To start the better will be limited to 1 game, and then in time add new ones.
But still $100 little. 1500$ a lot.
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For something which integrates the main money systems on xF, I'd love Texas Hold 'Em.

I'm wondering if a Lottery might be the easiest way to start. Or something as simple as a One Die Game where members buy chips and rollings the die results in:

Dice lands on...
1: Put in one chip
2: Put in two chips
3: Everybody puts in a chip
4: Take one chip
5: Take two chips
6: Take all the chips. Start over.

If Shoutbox could be implemented so those in the room could chat, that might make it fun.
Only for the poker game, I did like it very much that add-on back then not the game room one but the very first casino mod they did as stand alone mod before they integrate it with game room. It has integrated config in the admin console where you can configure blinds values and send money to members.

I could not find such similar add-on anywhere for IPB and Xenforo til I found Cubeia poker, which is an open source, much more powerful to handle multiple tables/tournaments (scheduled or sit'n go) and in game chat box so I can dive on coding to make it integrated to any forum/cms software. It's pretty much fully functional for game play and forum avatar display in game.

There is one last required missing part though which is cash management which I'm currently working on so that it will be a full feature texas hold'em game with leaderboards score which can be pulled out from database to display on home page as blocks.

I've not released it for XF yet but only for IPB which I also hold a licence but there is also plan to release it free to the community.
I think $100 is more than reasonable. It would most likely be published in the resources section as a paid add-on so the devs time would be worth it.
Texas Holdem for IPB/Xenforo:

My latest work in progress, so here you go:
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It shows authentication to IPB board but works similarly for Xenforo. I'll update latest code on my site soon! It's getting better and better since last version I've released. This one has cash system integrated so player's balances can be displayed on home page like top balance players ... Need to know how to do this with XenPorta.
Wow, Lucky, that looks SLICK! Any update on it?


Thanks, game credits should go to Cubeia though. I just code the board service to allow forum authentication and in game avatar display. There is plan to release it to the community around mid August for both IPB and Xenforo. I'm a little behind on documentation write up and due to summer vacation. And I'm not sure how to do this with Xenforo. With IPB, moderators have to review it before they can make it public in the marketplace. So I will look for info how it is done here.

But take note this game is not for everyone due to its requirements of having a vps/dedicated server with minimum 2gb of ram and root access as well as familiar of linux. Otherwise you will need to hire someone to do it which documentation is handy as well as my support for any issue encounter during installation.
If you like to offer to your community something extra as poker which will boost activity and could get more members to sign-up, then it is a cool add-on.

For Xenforo, it will support new blowfish authentication 1.2. Currently tests work fine on 1.2 RC2.
Will your poker game have in-game credits or credits that we can integrate with other credit addons like BD Credit or whatever it's called.
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