Add-on Reseller Panel Add-on


New member
The request is for a reseller add-on that will allow a specific user group to access the page and "gift" user upgrades at a lower price.

The add-on should have :
1. Choosing the upgrade via drop down e.g. would be (VIP or Customer) user upgrade. A duration drop down (how many months and pricing as well) so that would be VIP ($20.00) or something of that sort, a username search bar to select who gets that upgrade and a confirmation button.
2. Balance: So this will show how much balance the reseller has in this panel to upgrade, etc.
3. Deposit: The reseller should be able to specify an amount and top up his reseller credits via a payment method (crypto, stripe..etc)
4. User log of the entire history of upgrades so that would be (username, upgrade title, start date, end date and the cost of the upgrade)
5. An option for admins to manually top up a resellers credits (granting bonuses).