add-on request

  1. G

    Add-on Reseller Panel Add-on

    The request is for a reseller add-on that will allow a specific user group to access the page and "gift" user upgrades at a lower price. The add-on should have : 1. Choosing the upgrade via drop down e.g. would be (VIP or Customer) user upgrade. A duration drop down (how many months and...
  2. Chernabog

    Add-on XF2 Zoom Integration

    So many other platforms have the ability to integrate seamlessly with Zoom that I cannot see how this couldn't be possible from within XenForo as well. I would be interested in discussing something like that with developers out there.
  3. dvsDave

    Automated Image Recognition for inserting Alt Tags

    Looking to automate adding alt tags to uploaded images, and retroactively apply automated alt tags to existing uploads. Amazon has a service called Rekognition that looks like it could accomplish this. Google also has a service called their Vision API...
  4. Bethk84

    Add-on Switch Accounts request

    Hello everyone! A few years ago before xenforo upgraded to 2.0, I had a member by the name of @Zaid create an add-on for me called Switch Accounts. Basically what it did was let my forum subscribers use the same email address to sign up for multiple accounts. It is a much-beloved feature by my...