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Won't fix Case of Discussion Titles (Title case)


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I know this is not a bug but it is kind of annoying.
For the next releases, can the title case ignore special characters? Xenforo sees the special character as a first letter of a word, that means the next letter is written lowercased.
This means, words which must be written uppercased like United Kingdom are written as (united Kingdom).
Even if the word is a different word, which is usually written lowercased, on the thread title it looks ridiculous when all of the words starts with an upper case but except one.

I know you may say "this is as designed" but maybe give it a thought?


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I'm able to confirm this as well on our test site with no add-ons installed. It's something to do when a symbol -- doesn't matter which one it is -- comes before the word.

Title Case.png


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The general comment here is that we're not trying to get into special cases -- it's just using a really basic implemenation with PHP's "ucwords". (It's probably more likely to be removed at this point as it has significant limitations.)

A few examples: