Captcha issues


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I was just looking at my "Contact Form" and had the issue with the Error-message saying:

"the Capcha is loading..... please hit refresh" (something like that).

Then I tried to refresh but still got this Error-message popping up.

The other strange thing:
I listened the Captcha via Audio, as there is a link there to hear the Captcha in audio-format.

Have you ever listened to this ???
It sounds like there are several people talking in the background. I guess that is normal....


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It's hard to say why you'd have issues with ReCaptcha - it could be some server issues (ReCaptcha's servers) or a tricky JS issue. If you wish, you can switch your local captcha to Q&A.

The audio captcha would have to be designed to not be 100% obvious for a speech-to-text program, so there is obfuscation.