Can't view screenshots?

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Also, I'm using FF, it seems I need to double click on POST NEW THREAD. (pretty annoying)


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In which forum cant you view screenshots? It seems that if you're not a licensed customer, you wont be able to view attachments in certain forums here.


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It is true.

The forums that are labeled "You must be a XenForo customer to post in these forums. Ensure your account is listed here." are for licensed customers only. Attachments in those forums cannot be downloaded unless you are a licensed customer. The screen shots you are referring to are probably attachments and therefore cannot be viewed if you are not a licensed customer.
Yes, however, from a pre-sales standpoint I'm not sure whether to buy Xen or not. I have pretty specific needs and need to have a certain style theme with certain plugins, hence why I needed to see the screenshots.