MG 1.1 Can't upload any images to Media Gallery


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Hi, today i am getting an error if i try to upload any images regardless of size. This is odd as it worked only a few days ago when first installed.

I've tried as a regular dummy account and as superadmin but neither allow any upload.

No specific error comes up just a generic there was a problem uploading.

I've tried permissions - I've tried size limits but nothing obvious.

I can still upload avatars just no images at all to the gallery.

Please help, thanks.


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I reinstalled it and noticed most of the permissions for admin were set to No?? I havent changed these and didnt change them on the first time i installed them so not sure why they are set to no, i changed all admin permissions for gallery to yes/unlimited but this made no difference.

I'm not sure where im going wrong here.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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Could you please create a ticket from your customer area and provide an Admin login and we'll take a look.