XF 2.2 Can't type after emoji


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So I have this weird thing on xenforo forums (this and two others) that I cannot seem to use an emoji and then carry on typing afterwards! ie I cannot place the cursor after the emoji - it will only go before the emoji (and move it along). I can see others place emoji's mid sentence and am confused as to why I can't do that! It seems a ridiculously silly issue, but is it just me?! And why?
I have had the solution explained to me on another forum now :) It's Firefox and Windows 10 - you need to press the down arrow key after inserting the emoji to move the cursor to the right of the emoji :oops:. A firefox thing apparently.

So do I complain to Firefox or ask Xenforo to sort it?! Because it's only on Xenforo forums it happens.
Latest version of FF and XF2, this is still happening. Or again, I don't know, I haven't used emoji before. What's the status on this?

Using down arrow will allow you to get behind an emoji, but logically it should be left/right and mouse cursor repositioning should also work, which it doesn't.
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