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I haven't been able to work on my site for several weeks now because of my work load. Today is my (few) days off so I decided to do some updates on my forum, but it won't let me log in. I put my username and password in and it sends me a code for 30 day log in. I put the code in that it sends me but then it just sends me right back to the log in screen.

How can I get out of this visious cycle and actually log in to my own forum?
I suspect the code you are referring to is the 2FA code.

If you are having problems logging in, you can disable it by adding this to the library/config.php file:
$config['enableTfa'] = false;

Then you can log in, disable 2FA for your account/permissions, and remove that line again.
I'm not sure that feature is causing the issue. I have a second account (non-admin) that is doing the same thing when I try to log in with it also.

I was able to log into the admin panel, and then from there the forum.

What should I look at in the admin panel to fix this so that I can log in directly from the forum login page?
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There's no setting or option in the ACP which can prevent logging in directly to the front end.

Try disabling all add-ons and testing in a default style.
Disabled all add-ons.

Forum still has the same characteristics, it says it's logging in, but does not actually log you in.

Tried creating a new member. The Username and E-Mail fields keep displaying the error "The field was not recognized." (tried several browsers/computer/tablet).
Looking at your site now, it's not the default style and there are add-ons enabled.

The error message is related to one of those.
Yes, when I saw that none of the add-ons was causing the issue, I re-enabled them.

I have again disabled all add-ons, and will keep them off for the next couple of hours for you. Default style is enabled.
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I think I got it working again BUT the "log in or sign up" link (upper right of forum) is still showing. There is no inbox. (same on default style)

What do you recommend that I should be looking at to fix this?
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Does CloudFlare cause these kinds of issues?

I thought I was using it in another part of the site (not the forum) but when checked I couldn't find anything.

I'll check again, thanks.
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