Can't 'Hide' Videos from Guests

Core Freedom

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When I select guests not being able to view attachments they somehow can still watch the videos. I click on the 'video' attachment picture and add the Youtube url to post my videos.

Am I doing something wrong or is video excluded from 'attachment viewing' settings?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
Youtube videos aren't attachments so they aren't affected by that permission. Attachments are files that are uploaded to your forum using the Upload a File button. Attachments get uploaded to your server, unlike Youtube videos which are hosted by Youtube.

It is possible to write an addon to hide videos for guests. You can post a request here:

Otherwise there is no built-in feature for this.

Core Freedom

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aha, makes technical sense. Thanks, Jake!

This puts a detour in my wanting to build a digital library accessible for upgraded members. The joys of more brainstorming. :D


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