Way to partially hide thread content from guests?


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I have a News Node. Often I will post regular news (f.ex from other sources), they are all open to guests. But then I sometimes will have longer feature articles (produced by myself), where I would like to hide f.ex half the article, to make users register to view the full article. Is that possible through any addons or something on the market today?
I believe @cdub has good knowledge in this area.

Perhaps @Wutime's addon does it: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/limited-guest-viewing.7170/
Yes I do this with @Bob 's AMS (Article Management System) addon. There's a permission for "view full article".

Most articles all users on my site can see but there are supporting member exclusives. You can set it so that unregistered do not have "view full article" permission.

Permissions are also category based so you can have an article category where viewing is limited and some article categories where everyone can view the full article etc.
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